children’s book: The case of the deadly desperados

I am looking for someone to review a children’s book entitled ‘The case of the deadly desperados‘ by Caroline Lawrence. I would like it for The SRV Journal so the review would need to be from an SRV perspective. What sparked my interest was a review of the book in the NY Times Book Review of 12 February 2012, in which the reviewer wrote that “though the story never says so, it’s clear P.K. has what today we would call Asperger’s syndrome or high-functioning autism.” I do not know if that is just the reviewer’s perspective or if it is what the author Caroline Lawrence intended.

If any of our blog readers would be interested in reading the book (and perhaps reading it along with a young reader too! the book is intended for ages 8-12) and submitting a review to the Journal, we’d love to get it. The Journal link above will take you to our book review guidelines.

Marc Tumeinski

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