SRV training: key parts

In leadership oriented introductory Social Role Valorization workshops, as originally developed by Wolf Wolfensberger, we cover the following five interrelated parts:

1. Introductory orientation, including a preliminary sketch of SRV and some key concepts

2. Social evaluation and social devaluation, and its impacts, including a review of groups most vulnerable to being devalued in contemporary Western societies, the expressions of social and societal devaluation (‘most common wounds’), and the typical effects of being wounded

3. Detailed introduction to SRV, including the rationale behind SRV and an overview of facts relevant to SRV

4. The ten themes of, and for, SRV

5. Implementation, benefits and clarification of SRV, plus ways to learn more

As you can imagine, to cover this material in a way that is oriented toward leadership development takes a commitment of time. For an SRV workshop for example, this requires at least 28 hours of content coverage (note that this is content coverage; a workshop involving discussion groups would necessarily be longer)

More on leadership development, especially as regards SRV and PASSING, in some upcoming posts.

Marc Tumeinski

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