SRV training: leadership development

Wolf Wolfensberger and the Training Institute which he founded in 1973 was committed to leadership development for the human service field. After his passing in 2011, the work of the Training Institute has continued to support this goal. The goal of fostering leadership development shaped the way that Wolfensberger (and many of his students) designed and taught workshops, including SRV and PASSING workshops. This is evident in both the content and the format of leadership oriented SRV and PASSING workshops.

Leadership requires a number of skills, habits and disciplines (cf. the material on competency enhancement in the SRV monograph written by Wolfensberger) which can be learned and practiced. (Note that the material in this blog post is drawn largely from the standard Training Institute letter given to participants at leadership-level SRV workshops). These skills, habits and disciplines include, among others:

• self-discipline; the ability to overcome distractions, desires, weaknesses, pain, boredom, etc., including over an extended period of time

• the ability to focus and engage with a task or mission for a prolonged period; staying alert; etc.

Rather than old-fashioned or passe, these skills and habits are in my opinion even more necessary today for those who want to be able to provide relevant and coherent service to vulnerable, societally devalued people.

More on leadership development, and SRV and PASSING training, in future posts. In the meanwhile, please feel free to share your comments, thoughts, experiences, etc. with fostering leadership development in SRV, especially via training.

Marc Tumeinski

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