new article: ‘What would be better? Social Role Valorization and the development of ministry to persons affected by disability

With Dr. Jeff McNair from CalBaptist University, I recently co-wrote an article which was published in the inaugural issue of The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability. Dr. McNair has attended SRV and is familiar with Dr. Wolfensberger’s work.


The article citation is

The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 1(1), 11-22 (2012).


The abstract is

There is much that Christian churches can learn from relevant secular approaches and adapt to support integration and participation within our congregations for adults with impairments. In Social Role Valorization theory, developed by Dr. W. Wolfensberger, one considers the relevance and potency of image and competency of societally devalued individuals, and how these two areas impact access to the ‘good things of life.’ This article applies these principles to the inclusion of vulnerable congregation members into the life of the Christian church, asking the question ‘what would be better?’ as a prompt for those in leadership to reflect on their current practices with an eye toward maturity in these practices as they intersect the lives of societally devalued people.

Marc Tumeinski

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