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I just received an update from John Armstrong concerning an SRV 10 Study Group in Australia, meeting in Melbourne (check out this post about the inaugural session of the study group). Please see below for details from John. This group is one example of a leadership development effort focused on Social Role Valorization (SRV) training. As we know, Wolf Wolfensberger (who formulated SRV theory) was committed to and encouraged leadership development around SRV training and implementation.

We know there are other examples out there, big and small, and we encourage you to share these details with us so that we can post about them. Hopefully, what is going on in Melbourne and elsewhere will inspire others to focus on SRV 10 and PASSING leadership development, with an eye towards helping societally devalued people to have greater access to the ‘good things of life.’ My thanks to John and my encouragement to the members of the SRV 10 study group. Marc Tumeinski


We have just finished day one of the 4th SRV 10 Study Group here in Melbourne, Australia. Four student presenters are present with one participant audience member providing testing questions and meaty discussion.  Our fifth and final session is planned to be held in February 2014 before the  SRV group in Hobart, Tasmania, though several members will still need to do ‘make up events’ to fufill their compliment of 5 sessions and to present all the modules of SRV 10 at least once, and to hear them being presented by others at least another 4 times.

It is proving such an enriching and enjoyable way to really study SRV in a concentrated way; sharing all meals and staying together under the one roof and developing close bonds of friendship. The development of each student is so apparent as confidence with the material and ease of presentation increases.

A new second Study Group of 5 new people are commencing the first week of February 2013!

thanks, John Armstrong

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