a follow-up post about the recent SRV-10 leadership development session in Australia

I just received the following post from Meg Sweeney, who attended the July 2013 leadership development session on SRV-10 (see previous post):


I have enjoyed a rare opportunity to participate in the Australian SRV- 10 study group hosted by Senior Trainer John Armstrong and his lovely wife Lynne.

Learning and presenting material in this regular and consistent fashion has greatly deepened my knowledge of Social Role Valorization as an empirical strategy.

As a long-term implementer of SRV, participating in this learning has greatly improved my academic knowledge of the theory.

This in turn has improved my capacity to promote SRV’s legitimacy and relevance in assisting those on the margins of our society to enjoy ‘the good things of life.’

I commend the study group model to both academic and grass roots practitioners of SRV, as we have a lot to learn from each other in relation to understanding, implementing and promoting SRV.

Meg Sweeney, Vincentia, Australia

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