July 2013 issue of The SRV Journal is at the printers

The July 2013 issue of The SRV Journal is currently at the printers. In the meanwhile, I can tell you about the content of the issue. We have a posthumous article by Wolf Wolfensberger on Citizen Advocacy and recruitment of proteges who are mentally disordered, or of proteges who have several societally devalued conditions. As the introductory note by Mitchel Peters points out, this article has relevance for SRV and human services more broadly.

The issue also includes a dialogue of sorts: a paper on challenges and dilemmas of SRV training and dissemination presented by Susan Thomas at an event following the 2011 International SRV Conference held in Australia, with a response to Thomas’ paper by Raymond Lemay, and a briefer response from Thomas to Lemay.

We have two film reviews (written by Emma Barken and Linda Higgs), two separate reviews of the new edition of the SRV monograph (Karen Schwartz wrote the first review, the second was written by two new writers for our Journal–Renee Ehrenreich and Elizabeth McClennan), a review of the recently revised edition of Wolfensberger’s Limitations of the Law (review by David Ferleger), and a review essay of Wolfensberger’s APPEAR monograph (by Judith Sandys).

The issue also contains columns by David Race, Joe Osburn, Susan Thomas and myself.

More details to come when the issue comes back from the printer,

Marc Tumeinski

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