January 2014 SRV Journal

I just sent the January 2014 issue of The SRV Journal off to the printer and binder. In the meanwhile, the table of contents is as follows:

Some Belated Thoughts on Life-Saving from the October 2000 World Citizen Advocacy Congress in Omaha, Nebraska (US) by W. Wolfensberger

PASSING~A Workshop that Works: Using the PASSING Instrument Collaboratively to Assess the Quality of a Human Service by E. Neuville, P. Snyder & E. Robinson

PASSING Returns by D. Race

More than Just a Tourist: Interpersonal Identification & the Elementary School Teacher by S. Tiffany

Journeying into the Everyday: Fostering the Application of Social Role Valorisation by J. Sherwin

The Need for Competence in Things Other than SRV in Order to Teach & Implement SRV by S. Thomas with the southern Ontario SRV study group

Reviews & More
Book ‘Picturing Disability: Beggar, Freak, Citizen, and Other Photographic Rhetoric’ by R. Bogdan with M. Elks & J.A. Knoll (review by T. Malcomson)

Book ‘Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche’ by E. Watters (review by S. Thomas)

Book ‘Tranquil Prisons: Chemical Incarceration Under Community Treatment Orders’ by E. Fabris (review by S. Thomas)

Film ‘Gabrielle’ by L. Archambault (Director) (review by J. Sandys)

On a Role by M. Tumeinski

Social Role Valorization News & Reviews by S. Thomas

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