2nd guest post about a leadership SRV study group happening in Australia

The following update was sent to me by John Armstrong. Please see also the previous posts here and here. Marc Tumeinski

The second SRVx10 Study Group began today in Melbourne, Australia with 5 new students embarking on the first of 5 study group sessions that will culminate in everyone teaching the entire workshop at least once and hearing it 5 times.

We have Ian Ross from Canberra, Bob Lee from QLD, Sharon Lowe from QLD, Cherry Cameron from Sydney and Mary Kealy from Ireland.  We have had a great day getting through all the modules of Day One of SRVx10, receiving feedback and discussion regarding the content. We have had very hot temperatures (40deg C), but this afternoon experienced a welcome cool change which dropped temperatures to 16deg C. We are off to bed to rise enthusiastically for another day.

In two weeks, the first SRVx10 Study Group completes their fifth session in Hobart Tasmania, in front of a small audience composed of members of Training for Evaluation and Change (Tasmania). We’ll report to you on how it goes. Till then, John Armstrong



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