strengthening SRV-related work internationally

I am pleased to share the following message and request from Betsy Neuville for your review and input.

Marc Tumeinski

“I am writing on behalf of a small group of North American SRV Council members and associated others who have been working together to explore ways to strengthen and fortify SRV teaching, dissemination, and implementation.  In particular, we are interested in creating a structure to provide institutional support for these functions, and perhaps most importantly, creating a public face for SRV.  We propose to do this via the creation of an International Association for SRV.

Those places in the world that have smaller SRV movements, or that have developing interest, would be especially served by this, but also those who want to collaborate and associate with SRV-related groups and events, keep their eyes on what is happening globally, connect with local SRV groups, order SRV materials in an easy fashion, and have access to resources and information.

We are an informal, voluntary group which recognizes that we need to focus our efforts on what can be done given the human resources available, and that we should only “take on” what can be actually delivered and done with competence.

We would appreciate your help by reviewing a very brief paper, which details what we propose are the “5 tasks” which we think are the likely places to apply our efforts, with some potential future ideas as well. We would appreciate your careful review of this brief paper, and also your answers to a few open-ended questions via an on-line survey.

If you are interested and willing, please contact Betsy Neuville at, and she will send you the material and the link.
Thanks in advance for your interest and assistance.”

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