guest post: most recent update on an SRV-10 study group in Australia

Much thanks to John Armstrong for sharing this update:


“Session Three of the 2nd Australian SRVx10 Study Group are meeting in the home of John and Lynne Armstrong for 4 days this week. This session also sees the completion of 5 sessions for Mary Kealy, who has been completing sessions in both Australia and Ireland. Mary has completed her 5 sessions in exactly 12 months. This means Mary has now taught the entire SRVx10 workshop once and heard it presented in its entirety 5 times. Mary hopes to continue her SRV learning journey by joining some of the training efforts of Jo Massarelli, Marc Tumeinski and others later in 2015, as well as continue along with the Irish study group. Congratulations Mary!”

~ John Armstrong

(NB: Mary Kealy and John Armstrong are plenary speakers at the upcoming International SRV conference in June 2015. This SRV study group model will also be the topic of one of the concurrent sessions. If you haven’t registered yet, you still have time to do so before February 20 and receive the early registration discount.)

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