article: “New school an option for kids struggling with autism”

The following article is worth discussing and analyzing from a Social Role Valorization and PASSING perspective:

New school an option for kids struggling with autism

This analysis could be carried out as part of an SRV workshop, in a university classroom, as part of an SRV study group, etc. Several elements could be analyzed from the perspective of imagery, such as the article title, the name of the human service program, etc. What do these images communicate about the children and adolescents served?

In terms of societal devaluation, wounding and heightened vulnerability, consider the often-related realities of segregation and congregation.

The proposed schedule (“The school runs year-round, with 226 school days per year, and only two weeks off in the summer”) could be discussed from both an image perspective and a competency perspective. Several PASSING ratings would be relevant to this analysis.

Other issues touched upon in the article include grouping size, the role of staff, and the program location–especially its history and former usage.

Marc Tumeinski

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