NY Times article: ‘Hand of a Superhero’

An article to read and discuss from an SRV perspective.

What valued social roles might this open the door to, and thus increase the probability of greater access to the good things of life? (Note the reference to a role in the 4th paragraph, but what other roles are mentioned and/or could be envisioned?) Use the different role domains (e.g., work, home, school, civic, leisure and sports, relationships, culture) as a way to brainstorm possible roles (SRV monograph, 3rd (rev) ed., p. 30).

For crafting valued social roles, the two major avenues are image enhancement and competency enhancement.

1. Consider image enhancement, and what images and messages might be communicated.

2. How about competency enhancement (e.g., activities, rhythms and schedules, possessions, etc.)?

Marc Tumeinski

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