PASSING workshop in West Virginia, US from May 17-22, 2015

The WV Developmental Disabilities Council is pleased to be able to offer the second part of Social Role Valorization training – the introductory PASSING workshop. This workshop will be led by Marc Tumeinski of the SRV Implementation Project.

To find out more, please contact the workshop coordinator, Linda Higgs at

WHEN: Sunday, May 17, 6:00PM through Friday, May 22, until approximately 3:00PM. Registration Deadline is April 14, 2015.
WHERE: Holiday Inn and Suites, 400 Second Avenue, South Charleston, WV 25303
PREREQUISITE: In order to attend this workshop, participants must have attended, in full, a previous introductory SRV training workshop of 3 or 4 days.
DESCRIPTION OF WORKSHOP: This workshop will orient participants to many critical issues affecting quality in human service provision, including: a deeper awareness of the identities and needs of the people served; the means to apply positive service ideologies and practices on their behalf; the elements of ideal service performance in regard to SRV, and; the key requirements for social image enhancement and personal competency enhancement to support valued social roles for people.
The four primary goals of the workshop are to: (a) help participants learn how to apply the principles of SRV to help address societal devaluation, (b) train participants in the implications of SRV to human services, (c) enable participants to begin to develop competency as PASSING raters, and (d) begin to identify and train potential raters and leaders for SRV implementation.


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