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So far, we have the following concurrent sessions scheduled for the 2015 SRV conference in Providence, RI:

John Armstrong, Is it just about choice? Looking at autonomy and choice from a fresh angle: Implications for teaching and practice

John Armstrong and panel, Learning the core: The role of SRV study groups in building depth and competence

Nathan Basha, Living the dream

Jane Barken, Hospitality for the change agent

Christine Barringham, Carmen Leung, Paul Kohl, Darcy Elks, From high chair to high table: Life before and after SRV

Andre Blanchet, Ray Lemay, SRV principles applied in situations of high medical vulnerability: A 12-year socio-medical initiative

Anouk Bolsenbroek, The VeranderKIZT, a GPS for change and belonging

panel with Ric Brown, Ann Flynn, Barb Vyrostko, Bob Weinhardt, The role of administrators in upholding SRV mindfulness in service staff: Its necessity, rewards and challenges

Guy Caruso, SRV and PASSING: Addressing today’s human service ‘best practices’

Katie Chandler, Looking at the Georgia ‘Children’s Freedom Initiative’ through an understanding of people’s identities and needs

Bailey DeBruin, An SRV perspective on advertisements

Hope Dittmeier, Using SRV in an agency training course focused on implementation

Tom Doody, Using the Culturally Valued Analogue to generate action ideas

Tom Doody, Tom Kohler, Citizen Advocacy and the beloved community

Darcy Elks, Milt Tyree, Using the Culturally Valued Analogue to create full meaningful lives

Dennis Felty, Flying Ladies

David Ferleger, SRV, ‘Best practices’ and limitations (or opportunities) in the law

Bob Flynn, Andrea Hickey, A Comparison of PASSING 2 and PASSING 3 scores and structure

Jules Garland, On crafting the valued social role of photographer

Prue Gorman and Jane Sherwin, After the workshop, what next?

Haydn Hanna, TBA

Deb Harnishfeger, Talking about Social Role Valorization with people who have never heard of Social Role Valorization: Experiences and insights from Citizen Advocacy coordinators

Michael Kendrick and panel

Janet Klees, Using an SRV framework to walk with families down the road less travelled

Hans Kroon, The experiences in the Netherlands of applying the ideas of Social Role Valorization in helping create the ‘good things of life’ with and for people with intellectual disabilities

Ray Lemay, Update on unconsciousness: What current research has to say about SRV’s first theme

Ray Lemay, Elizabeth Neuville, Training is not enough: Implementing SRV at the agency or program level

Richard Long, In control–And all the better for it!

Zana Lutfiyya, Citizen Advocacy and Social Role Valorization: Commonalities

Zana Lutfiyya (chair) of panel of university professors (Christine Shane, Donald Easson, Katherine Fox, Kevin DeJesus): Teaching SRV ideas in university

Zana Lutfiyya, Carla Hamarsnes, Bill Forman, Teaching SRV electronically: Implications

Dr. Hirotoshi Maeda, Carolyn Brennan and Jo Massarelli, An application of Social Role Valorization to home-based nursing and medical services

Ludmila Malcoci, Sergiu Toma, Oksasa Costandaki, No bells and whistles: SRV as a foundation for deinstitutionalization in the Republic of Moldova

Kane Morgan, Future guarding for people, services, and communities using SRV

Betsy Neuville, Pam Seetoo, Sharpening our SRV eyes: Evaluating current “snapshots” of life and human service thru discussion and analysis

Thomas Neuville, Social Role Valorization, the zone of proximal development and operant conditioning: Mortal enemies or a practical alliance?

Dana Olsen, Normalization: A generational view

Joe Osburn, Susan Thomas, Some further reflections on the relevance of SRV to the wound of deathmaking and its implications for SRV proponents

Judith Sandys, Peg Jenner, Looking back, looking ahead: The perspectives of people who have attended a Social Role Valorization workshop

Steve Tiffany, SRV study group: A model for deepening an understanding of SRV theory

Marc Tumeinski, Teaching about roles with PASSING

Marc Tumeinski, PASSING as SRV leadership development

Donna Vanderkloet, Erica Baker-Tinsley, The common responses to wounding and mental health

Donna Vanderkloet, Nancy McNamara, Erica Baker-Tinsley, SRV implementation as a means of addressing common fears of parents

Jack Vermeulen, One by One

Mark Vincent, Scott Ryder, SRV for dummies

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