SRVconference2015 sessions~part 1

We have such a great range of concurrent sessions to choose from at the upcoming SRV conference in June. Looking at the breadth and depth of the session topics, it will be hard to choose which ones to attend. As you look at the list, several patterns of topics become apparent. For example, many sessions deal with particular aspects of SRV themes and concepts, such as the wound of deathmaking, the theme of unconsciousness, the culturally valued analog, the common responses to wounding, and greater access to the ‘good things of life.’

Several sessions touch on PASSING: its structure, connections with SRV and roles, PASSING scores, and developing team leaders.

Many session titles mention implementation and application: SRV implementation as a means of addressing common fears of parents, Using SRV in an agency training course focused on implementation, The experiences in the Netherlands of applying the ideas of Social Role Valorization in helping create the ‘good things of life’ with and for people with intellectual disabilities.

To be continued…


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