transporting prisoners

Some of the wounds resulting from social devaluation (as described by SRV) include being cast into the devalued role of menace and/or subhuman, as well as distantiation. A recent commentary in the 14 June 2015 NY Times Magazine provides a first-person account of a typical practice of prisoner transport. The writer comments about being driven around in prison transport vans: “Through the window I saw how easily I had disappeared to the rest of the world.”

This article could be used as the basis for a student assignment or discussion, or a small group exercise in an SRV or SRV-related training. This video advertisement for prison transport vans might also be used. Note the quick reference in the video ad to seatbelts as an optional feature. What message does this communicate about prisoners, to guards and to prisoners themselves?

The same company also makes animal transport vans as described in this video. Consider that image juxtaposition. You might ask students and learners to watch both videos and look for similarities.

Marc Tumeinski

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