podcast ‘A heart outrun’

This podcast would make for an interesting exercise for a classroom, SRV study group or workshop. It is from a regular podcast series entitled ‘Modern Love’ sponsored by the NY Times and a Boston public radio station. The podcast is # 18, ‘ A Heart Outrun.’

This podcast includes the recitation of a written essay followed by several interviews. I recommend listening to the essay written by Gary Presley, read by a professional actor (that in itself is something to consider from an SRV perspective), but also to the interviews with Gary and his wife Belinda.

As an SRV exercise, I think that this would require thinking about the essay and interviews from the perspective of various SRV concepts and themes. In light of the complexity of human relationship, and the empirical nature of SRV, any analysis would also raise issues outside of SRV.

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The essay:



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Some SRV issues to consider include:

• relationship domain (Wolfensberger, A brief introduction to SRV, 3rd revised edition, p. 30)

• mindsets and expectancies

• language and titles used to refer to the couple

• heightened vulnerability

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