January 2017 issue of The SRV Journal is at the printers

The January 2017 issue of The SRV Journal is currently at the printers and will be mailed/emailed when completed. In the meantime, this is a list of the articles, reviews and columns:

The Importance of the Citizen Advocacy Scheme in Facilitating Valued Roles for, & the Valuation of, Vulnerable People by Mitchel Peters

A Testament to Courage & Resilience by Deb Espiner & Fran Hartnett

The Importance (& the Benefits) of Being Personally Connected & Engaged with Devalued People, & Its Relevance to Social Role Valorization by Susan Thomas

Learning, Applying & Disseminating Social Role Valorization (SRV): What Family Members & Human Service Workers Have to Say by Judith Sandys & Peg Jenner

SRVx10 Study Groups: Their Development & Results–So Far by John Armstrong

Reviews by Joel Boyce & Christie Mallon

Column by Joe Osburn

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