upcoming issue of The SRV Journal

While we work to get the latest issue of The SRV Journal ready to be printed, readers and subscribers might be interested in the titles of the major articles. Lots of good material here, relevant to SRV training and implementation:

Milt Tyree, Learning from Our History: Raising the Bar for Employment Possibilities

Susan Thomas, Some SRV Considerations About Work, Work Sites & Work Contexts, Especially in Light of the Contemporary Push to Abolish What Are Called “Sheltered Work Settings”

Martin Elks, Five Foundational Personal & Social Identities in Normalization & Social Role Valorization

Donna Vanderkloet, How Friendship Conquered the Play Structure

Matthew Nguyen, Memories: The Power of Transmuting Space into Time

Carol O’Donnell, From SRV Training to Implementation: An Account of One Person’s Journey

My thanks to all of our wonderful contributors, and to our subscribers.



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