Book review ‘Valuing Older People’ mentions SRV

This recent book review mentions SRV, I assume because the book must reference SRV, though I have not read the book. Have any of you? Let us know.

From the blog post:

According to Elspeth Stirling, who is the author of Valuing Older People, failure to respect the aged is more complicated than mere decadence.  In fact, it’s the result of Social Role Valorization (SRV).  SRV is a theory, which states that society devalues certain groups of people.  These groups – for one reason or another – are identified as ‘different.’

Unfortunately, the reference to SRV is written a bit clumsily, and seems to imply, the way it is currently written, that failure to respect the aged is the result of SRV! Ah well, at least bad press is still press!

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