What are you reading (or watching or listening to)? #1

We thought that it might be useful to share what people interested in teaching about and applying SRV are reading, or watching, or listening to. What are the books, movies, articles, etc. that get used to teach others about SRV or help inspire others to apply SRV?

Let us know what you are reading and watching, and we will post more ideas in the future.

In the meantime, below are a few items submitted by Bill Forman, an SRV teacher in Alberta, Canada. Check out Bill’s blog at:


Is There No Place on Earth for Me, by Susan Sheehan, the story of a woman who becomes ensared in a mental health system

The Grass Arena, an autobiograpy by John Healy, a man who escapes a life on the streets of violence and alcoholism by learning chess in prison and becoming a chess master when he leaves. The latter is not as romantic as it sounds. It points out the power, but also the benefits of roles.

As to films, there is one from the early 80’s called • Breaking Through, about 2 young men leaving an institution in B.C. Dr. Wolfensberger wrote a guide to using it in SRV teaching.

And Then Came John.

The Elephant Man, directed by David Lynch.

Praying with Lior, about a young man with a developmental disability making his Bar Mitzvah.

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