What are you reading (or watching or listening to)? #2

Our next ‘watching’ suggestion is from Zana Lutfiyya who teaches SRV and related ideas at the University of Manitoba. See Zana’s suggestion below. Send us your suggestions!

“The documentary ‘Including Samuel‘ is an excellent resource when thinking about valued social roles etc for school age children with disabilities. Samuel is a boy who was born with cerebral palsy (well, acquired at birth). His father, a documentary film maker, made this chronicle of his family’s life together. In it, the father documents his own prejudices about people with disabilities, and how he had to face these as he saw his own son grow up. He also goes in search of adults with disabilities who might serve as role models for his son (and especially, as role models for Samuel’s parents). There are several vignettes with others with a variety of disabilities (cerebral palsy, mental health problems, intellectual disability) who talk about their own lives and the opportunities that they have enjoyed. There are also snippets from various experts, including Doug Biklen. Jan Nisbet and Cheryl Jorgenson.

Samuel enjoys a close connection with his parents and especially his brother, Isaiah. It is refreshing to see how close they are, and in particular, how close the two brothers are with each other.”

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