September 2010 issue of CRUcial Times (Australia)

I recently received the September 2010 issue of CRUcial Times published by CRU Inc. in Brisbane, Australia. I recommend getting on their email list to receive this publication. Back issues are also available. Below are some of the SRV-related lessons I took away from just two of the articles in this issue:

Leading the change for older people in the community by P. Hambleton and L. Sullivan

• heightened vulnerability of elders

• separating programmatic and non-programmatic issues

• identifying and addressing people’s needs in order of priority (cf. the ‘foundation discussion’ process in a PASSING workshop)

• a mention of social roles (“supported to remain as closely connected to their … roles”)

Changing the perception of people with disability in the work force by L. Rolfe

• the necessity of high expectations, the importance of mindset (cf. the SRV theme of mindsets and expectancies)

• starting from the baseline of what is typical and valued in the society (cf. the conservatism corollary of SRV)

• importance of training for ‘servers’ (service workers)

• necessity of competency enhancement for societally devalued people (cf. one of the two major strategies of SRV)

• working at different levels (e.g., personal, family, unions, employers, systems, education)

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