Important upcoming learning opportunity: Training Institute workshop

Getting the Maximum Human Service Benefit in Times of Severe Fiscal Constraint

Friday, 21 January 2011

9 am to 4:30 pm (or a little later)

Rosamond Gifford Foundation Community Room, United Way Building, 518 James Street (rear entrance), Syracuse, New York 13203

Presented by Susan Thomas of the Training Institute and associates

$90 per person includes handouts, lunch and refreshments; group discounts available

To register, please call the Training Coordinator at 315 473 2978

Description of the presentation:

Starting with the financial crisis of 2008 & continuing through the bail-outs & “economic recovery” plans of 2008 & 2009, our society has begun to experience hard financial times. Many people–including service planners & administrators, advocates, service recipients & their family members–have not come to grips with what we may be up against. Contrary to predictions, the current financial crisis could continue or even get worse; or if a recovery takes place, it could be followed by a second–possibly even bigger–crisis. Even if a recovery takes place, the long era of steady growth prior to 2008 may not repeat itself.

This has very serious implications to human services, and requires a fundamental re-examination of many things that have for so long been taken for granted. When resources for services shrink, services & their related advocacy bodies often enter into fierce & irrational competition with each other for remaining funds. The implied messages are “cut everyone else but not us.” What is needed is a rational approach to the over-all situation as well as strategies that can be applied by & to all human services for how economies might be achieved. When services have to be cut back or sacrificed, what services should be defended the most? If the service sector cannot come up with rational proposals, then ignorant or ill-meaning parties may impose maladaptive policies.

This presentation will first spell out cold hard facts: the reality of the current fiscal constraints, reasons for their likely continuation or reoccurrence, the unwillingness (so far) of virtually all parties that have a stake in the issue to work adaptively with each other, & the need to surrender wishful thinking & trust in parties who are misinformed or not telling the truth. High-order criteria for cost-containing schemes, plus twelve specific usable strategies for containing costs or maximizing service recipient benefits when costs are constrained, will be outlined. Many of these guidelines make sense at any time, but take on special urgency when funds are tight.

This presentation is meant primarily for people who are in a position to shape human service policies, via their position either in service organizations, in relevant advocacy bodies, in societal policy-making bodies such as government, or in teaching & consulting positions.

Presentation format:

The presentation will be conducted in lecture style with visual aids. There will be several occasions for questions & discussion. There will be breaks for refreshments about mid-morning & mid-afternoon as well as a break for lunch. Lunch is provided as part of this workshop fee.

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