workshop announcement Strangers in the house: The dilemma of in-home services

Strangers In the House: The Dilemma of In-Home Services


Sponsored by the Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement & The Southern Ontario Training Group


Monday April 11, 2011

9:00a.m. -4:00 p.m.

Bethel Christian Reformed Church

117 Windsor Drive

Brockville, Ontario


Families and individuals who receive in home support services typically face a major problem of trying to maintain the integrity of their private home and family lives despite the inescapable disruptions that come with service-provider presence in the home, especially when it is very extensive or involves many different workers. This difficulty exists even when such families and individuals presently have good personal relationships with their in-home support personnel, and even when they are adequately sensitive to the issues at stake. When good personal relationships and sensitivity are absent, the situation can become intolerable.



This important training event was developed at the request, and with the input, of both in-home service recipients and providers, with the intent of contributing to improvements in in-home service arrangements. Specifically, this event:

(a) explores the nature of this dilemma;

(b) identifies its problematic manifestations for both in-home service users and providers;

(c)  presents examples of different kinds of in-home service arrangements and illustrates the positive lessons to be learned from them;

(d)  offers considerations for a positive mind-set toward both the use and the provision of in-home services; and

(e)  suggests specific action strategies for putting these considerations into practice. It offers insights, and practical advice for managing the issues involved, and invites participants’ reflections on the types of mind-sets that might improve or worsen this dilemma.


Workshop Format: The workshop consists of several lecture presentations, using slides and hand-out materials followed by ample time for reflection discussion, questions, and comments.

This presentation is for: individuals who currently use in-home supports or might in the future, in home support personnel and other representatives of support-providing services, including visiting nurses, hospice workers, home health aides, respite workers, personal care assistants, and other family members and care-givers.

Presenter: This workshop was developed, and will be presented, by Jo Massarelli, of the Social Role Valorization Implementation Project in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Ms. Massarelli has had long involvements with families and individuals who receive in-home supports, as well as with individuals and services that provide these supports.

Cost: $100.00 which includes lunch, handouts and refreshments.


To register, please complete the registration form below. Please send the form and cheque to:

Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement, 2495 Parkedale Ave., Unit #4 Brockville ON K6V 3H2


For more information:

Please contact Amanda Fenlong (613) 345-4092 or email:


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