Mitchel Peters: Citizen Advocacy and valued roles

Mitchel gave a brief overview of the Citizen Advocacy model. His main thesis was that the primary mission of Citizen Advocacy is generally to safeguard the welfare of a vulnerable person through one-to-one (or near one-to-one) reciprocal relationships, but in addition that a derivative benefit can be that the protege acquires or maintains valued social roles. To illustrate this, he laid out a framework connecting the model of Citizen Advocacy and SRV theory, backed up with several CA vignettes. Watch future issues of The SRV Journal for this paper. Mitchel is the chairperson of Citizen Advocacy Eastern Suburbs in Perth, Western Australia. He has been involved in Citizen Advocacy for over 20 years, having started work at Citizen Advocacy WA (now known as Citizen Advocacy Perth West) in 1989. In the mid-90s, he was a founding member of Citizen Advocacy Eastern Suburbs, and then its first co-ordinator.

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