Susan Thomas: Situating SRV in the larger social/societal context

This morning, day 3 of the SRV conference in Canberra, Susan Thomas started the day with a plenary. One of Susan’s key points focused on the largely post-production service-based economy found in most western countries, and how these economic systems/dynamics largely work against the role valorization of vulnerable people in general. These dynamics are rooted in conscious and unconscious economic motives, which make it highly difficult and incredibly costly for families, individual service workers and service organizations to resist and/or counter these systemic problems. SRV cannot change this economic system, though it may be able to protect individual people and some groups if servers work hard over the long-term to apply SRV on behalf of vulnerable people. Susan asked us to consider which particular valued roles are most protective of people during times of danger, emergency, calamity, high stress, etc.

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