SRV study tip #3

To continue with our last post on the PASSING tool and workshop, we saw in that post that PASSING builds on the twofold SRV strategy of image enhancement (PASSING ratings beginning with a ‘1’) and competency enhancement (ratings beginning with a ‘2’).

Total PASSING scores range from -1000 to +1000 points. The total of all the image enhancement ratings ranges from -512 to +512 points; the total of all the competency enhancement ratings ranges from -488 to +488. In other words, the total of the image enhancement ratings is worth more than the total of the competency ratings. By the way, this may not be surprising, given that in SRV, we teach that both image and competency enhancement are essential to crafting valued social roles, but that image enhancement has a slight precedence over the long run (e.g., see the SRV monograph by Dr. Wolfensberger, 3rd. rev. ed., pg. 77).

The next level down so to speak divides the image and competency PASSING ratings into 4 potential areas:

1 service setting

2 relationships

3 activities

4 miscellaneous


The above levels are reflected in the rating numbering scheme of PASSING:

Image enhancement ratings (1)

11 Image-related physical setting of a service (-171 to +171  points)

12 Image-related service-structured groupings, relationships and social juxtapositions (-146 to +146 points)

13 Image-related service-structured activities and other uses of time (-81 to +81 points)

14 Image-related miscellaneous other service practices (-114 to +114 points)


Competency enhancement ratings (2)

21 Competency-related physical setting of the service (-158 to +158 points)

22 Competency-related service-structured groupings and relationships (-223 to +223 points)

23 Competency-related service-structured activities and other uses of time (-107 to +107 points)


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