SRV study tip #4

In the last post about studying SRV and PASSING, we looked at the image (1) and competency (2) enhancement subscores in the PASSING tool, under the subheadings of setting (1), grouping (2), activities (3), and miscellaneous (4).

PASSING has 42 ratings. 27 ratings are related to image enhancement; 15 are related to competency enhancement. Almost twice as many ratings deal with image enhancement.

17 ratings address image and competency issues around the physical setting of a service (point range: -329 to +329).

13 ratings address image and competency issues around service-structured groupings, relationships and social juxtapositions (point range: -369 to +369).

6 ratings address image and competency enhancement around service-structured activities and use of time (point range: -188 to +188).

6 ratings address miscellaneous image related service practices (point range: -114 to +114).


What might we learn from these numbers? About 70% of the PASSING ratings, both in number and in point range, deal with service physical setting and with service structured grouping, relationships and juxtapositions. Why are these two domains given so much weight and emphasis? What is this telling us about what services could do to support devalued people in valued roles? A fundamental priority for services is to carefully structure both the setting and the groupings/social juxtapositions in relevant and potent ways which support vulnerable people to have and hold onto valued social roles.

Consider your own life for a minute: think about the power of setting to communicate social roles; think about the ‘company we keep’ and the power of relationship to communicate roles. Yet where do so many human services put their energy, time and attention?

Also, if we are teaching others about SRV and PASSING, or are trying to implement SRV, do we pay enough attention to setting and grouping considerations?

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