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SRV action implications

The SRV monograph includes a useful chart laying out categories of SRV action implications that can help us think about how to implement SRV, with an eye towards helping societally devalued people to have greater access to the ‘good things of life.’ The chart is on pages 103-105 in the 2014 edition of the SRV […]

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article: “The Talking Cure”

This New Yorker article is interesting to read and analyze carefully from an SRV perspective, including in terms of: • the developmental model • the pedagogic power of imitation • model coherency (assumptions of the model, who are the people being served and what are their pressing needs, who are the servers, what methods are […]

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NY Times article: ‘Rikers to Ban Isolation for Inmates 21 and Younger’

This NY Times article would be interesting to read, analyze and discuss from an SRV perspective (e.g., in an SRV study group, university class, etc.). Some angles for analysis and discussion might include: • segregation and congregation of prisoners • lack of culturally valued analogues for prison • interpersonal identification (or lack thereof) between guards […]

welcome to Millersville University students!

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest readers from Millersville University, those students taking either Applied Foundations in Contemporary Special Education (undergraduate SPED237) or Psychology of Students with Disabilities (graduate SPED601). Some of you have already commented on posts and I look forward to reading more comments as the semester progresses. Welcome! […]

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Tom Doody: The possibility and desirability of Citizen Advocacy

Tom spoke about Citizen Advocacy as developed by Wolfensberger in the 1960s in Nebraska (US). He described Citizen Advocacy as a coherent service model (model coherency described in SRV: are the right people doing the right things in the right way with the right tools for the right people?) which acknowledges and addresses vulnerability, particularly […]

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Book notice #2

David Race. Social Role Valorization and The English Experience. London: Whiting and Birch Ltd., 1999. Dr. Wolfensberger is by far the most prolific writer about SRV, but a few other writers have contributed greatly to the body of published work concerning SRV. One of these is Dr. David Race, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at […]

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The power of ideas and a leadership development mindset

“… a big thread that runs through Dr. Wolfensberger’s work is his belief in the power of ideas …”  “One big thrust of Dr. Wolfensberger’s work was the identification of promising people (especially young ones), recruiting them, and developing them … Dr. Wolfensberger truly believed the fundamental premises of the development model, as taught in […]

Equal Justice Initiative

We recently received an annual report from the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that primarily works with poor defendants/prisoners who have not received fair treatment in the US court and corrections systems. One of their major areas of concentration is on capital cases, i.e., death penalty cases. I want to focus in this blog post […]