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NY Times Magazine article: Autism, Inc.

The 2 December 2012 NY Times Magazine article ‘Autism Inc.: How Thorkil Sonne discovered that his son’s disability could be turned into a competitive advantage‘ could make for an interesting read to analyze from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective. For example, the article focuses on the role domain of employment (Wolfensberger, 1998, 30). It […]

article: Client Oriented Role Evaluation

Darene Toal-Sullivan & Peter R. Henderson. (March/April 2004). “Client-Oriented Role Evaluation (CORE): The Development of a Clinical Rehabilitation Instrument to Assess Role Change Associated With Disability.” The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 58(2), 211-220. This article describes an assessment tool (CORE) which the authors recommend be used in rehabilitation and occupational therapy services. The article […]

article ‘New model of food pantry helps people maintain their dignity’

This January 2012 newspaper article highlighted, among other issues, efforts by a local food pantry to enhance both image and competency of people using the pantry: ‘The new location allows it to be set up like a grocery store to give people a sense of dignity … Where before volunteers pre-bagged food and handed it to […]

SRV study tip #3

To continue with our last post on the PASSING tool and workshop, we saw in that post that PASSING builds on the twofold SRV strategy of image enhancement (PASSING ratings beginning with a ‘1’) and competency enhancement (ratings beginning with a ‘2’). Total PASSING scores range from -1000 to +1000 points. The total of all […]

SRV study tip #2

I was at 2 different PASSING workshops fairly recently and as always I was struck at the power, clarity and utility of the PASSING manual and workshop for raising consciousness, deepening one’s understanding of SRV, helping one to step into the shoes of vulnerable people (interpersonal identification), seeing the distinction between programmatic and non-programmatic concerns, […]

countdown: 2 days until the 5th International SRV conference in Canberra

We have arrived in Canberra in preparation for the 5th International SRV Conference starting on 21 September. I am looking forward to presenting and listening to the presentations. Many teachers of SRV and implementers as well are gathering together for 3 days to learn and discuss Social Role Valorization. Forthcoming issues of The SRV Journal […]

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Guest post: Disability and transhumanism

The following is a guest blog post submitted by Steven Tiffany: Last week I stumbled across a blog posting reviewing a new documentary that takes an in depth look at the relationship between disability and impairment and the relatively new movement known as “transhumanism.” What exactly is transhumanism? Well, in a nutshell, it is the […]

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valued social roles referenced in an AmeriServe International newsletter

I don’t know anything about this agency but we ran across a newsletter for an organization called AmeriServe International, located in Iowa (US). The article on the front page discusses valued social roles, the ‘good things of life’ and competency enhancement. If anyone knows anything about the agency, we’d be happy to hear about it. […]

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“The college of choice for students with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD”

An article in the 9 January 2011 EducationLife insert of the New York Times described Landmark College: “The college of choice for students with learning disabilities and/or AD/HD.” Landmark is a two year college in Vermont (US), costing $48000 USD annual tuition. They have 500 students. According to the article, half are recent high school […]

“After stroke, a poet hunts for the language lost”

Becoming more competent is generally good in and of itself, even if an acquired competency seems to have no immediate or practical benefit. This 27 June 2010 NY Times article illustrates this and other SRV relevant points. • After a stroke, the published poet Marie Ponsot found she could not remember poems she had been […]

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