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NYT article: Using Theater As a Salve To Soothe Minds

This New York Times article describes a European drama school where people with disabilities not only learn their own lines but also design and make sets and costumes, do their own makeup and, finally, conceive dramatic plots. The drama school is called Pathological Theater (NB: role communicator of what we name programs). Pathology means the […]

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‘special education’ ‘teacher’

According to our local paper, our former School Superintendent last year gave his office manager a highly paid job as a special education teacher, though she lacked state certification as well as teaching experience. This reminds me of a visit I made several years ago to a so-called special education classroom. I sat in on […]

Physical setting: prison architecture

In Social Role Valorization theory and in the PASSING manual, we talk about the power of the physical setting when it comes to communicating roles and images, setting expectations, affecting competency, and so on. This 2009 NY Times Magazine article describes a prison in Austria that is architecturally quite different from most prisons. From the […]