article: “New school an option for kids struggling with autism”

The following article is worth discussing and analyzing from a Social Role Valorization and PASSING perspective: New school an option for kids struggling with autism This analysis could be carried out as part of an SRV workshop, in a university classroom, as part of an SRV study group, etc. Several elements could be analyzed from […]

NY Times article: ‘Rikers to Ban Isolation for Inmates 21 and Younger’

This NY Times article would be interesting to read, analyze and discuss from an SRV perspective (e.g., in an SRV study group, university class, etc.). Some angles for analysis and discussion might include: • segregation and congregation of prisoners • lack of culturally valued analogues for prison • interpersonal identification (or lack thereof) between guards […]

article: ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities’

The article ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities‘ (and this 2010 article as well) could be the basis for an interesting exercise for a study group, university or college class, staff training, etc. Such an exercise from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective might profitably include a discussion of the contemporary heightened vulnerability of elders […]

NYT article: Using Theater As a Salve To Soothe Minds

This New York Times article describes a European drama school where people with disabilities not only learn their own lines but also design and make sets and costumes, do their own makeup and, finally, conceive dramatic plots. The drama school is called Pathological Theater (NB: role communicator of what we name programs). Pathology means the […]

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Iwawa Island, Rwanda

One of my (admittedly narrow) interests in human service history has been in the location of various types of human service programs, including but not limited to prisons, on islands. This NY Times article describes how the government in Rwanda has been sending beggars, homeless people and petty criminals to an island in Lake Kiwu […]

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