Devalued role of object

The 18 February 2013 issue of Time magazine had a photo of the actor John Hawkes who starred in The Sessions, playing a man in an iron lung (in real life, the poet and journalist Mark O’Brien). The photo was accompanied by a quote from Hawkes: “Mark O’Brien used to say that disabled people are […]

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Physiological reactions to the wounds of rejection, distantiation

This essay from the NY Times Sunday Review describes a study which pointed out one of the involuntary physiological reactions we have to being rejected, excluded, cast into societally devalued roles (such as ‘other’): namely, a drop in body temperature in our extremities (such as our fingertips). This study underscores the reality and depth of […]

slide show referencing Wolfensberger’s description of devalued roles

Online resource about prejudice and stereotypes around impairment. The slide show cites Bogdan and Biklen, Allport, as well as Wolfensberger on socially devalued roles. Tweet

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article: Client Oriented Role Evaluation

Darene Toal-Sullivan & Peter R. Henderson. (March/April 2004). “Client-Oriented Role Evaluation (CORE): The Development of a Clinical Rehabilitation Instrument to Assess Role Change Associated With Disability.” The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 58(2), 211-220. This article describes an assessment tool (CORE) which the authors recommend be used in rehabilitation and occupational therapy services. The article […]

op ed: ‘The prison boom comes home to roost’

This Boston Globe op-ed piece about prisons and the high rate of incarceration in the US raises many SRV relevant points, such as: • the pervasive influence of non-programmatic factors, such as the employment and profit incentive behind the prison boom • the link between impoverishment and imprisonment (particularly in light of societal devaluation and […]

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