WSJ article ‘Babies Show a Clear Bias—To Learn New Things’

The 26 October 2016 Wall Street Journal article ‘Babies show a clear bias–to learn new things’ describes contemporary research that reinforces the emphasis in Social Role Valorization (SRV) on imitation, role modeling, competency enhancement and the developmental model. “Babies leap at the chance to learn something new.” This echoes the opening line of Aristotle’s Metaphysics: […]

article: “The Talking Cure”

This New Yorker article is interesting to read and analyze carefully from an SRV perspective, including in terms of: • the developmental model • the pedagogic power of imitation • model coherency (assumptions of the model, who are the people being served and what are their pressing needs, who are the servers, what methods are […]

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NY Times article: ‘Rikers to Ban Isolation for Inmates 21 and Younger’

This NY Times article would be interesting to read, analyze and discuss from an SRV perspective (e.g., in an SRV study group, university class, etc.). Some angles for analysis and discussion might include: • segregation and congregation of prisoners • lack of culturally valued analogues for prison • interpersonal identification (or lack thereof) between guards […]

SRV theme of model coherency, mindsets … and robot caregivers

A 19 July 2014 NY Times op-ed piece entitled ‘The Future of Robot Caregivers’  is worth carefully examining from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective, especially in light of the SRV themes of roles, of mindsets, of the developmental model, and of model coherency. This article would be worth reading and discussing from an SRV perspective […]

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