NY Times Magazine article ‘E-jail’ by Ava Kofman

A 3 July 2019 article in the NY Times Magazine entitled ‘Digital Jail: How Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt’ by Ava Kaufman compellingly illustrates the concepts of heightened vulnerability, and of non-programmatic factors, as described in Social Role Valorization (SRV). Note also the example of a private for-profit human service organization. From the article: […]

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homelessness in Delhi

The following 18 January 2016 NY Times article entitled “Desperate for slumber in Delhi, homeless encounter a ‘sleep mafia’ ” would be worth studying from an SRV perspective. It describes the social devaluation, wounding and heightened vulnerability of homeless people in Delhi, India. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/19/world/asia/delhi-sleep-economy.html Tweet

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Washington Post article: He was homeless when they took him in.

An interesting Washington Post article (3 February 2017) to read and analyze from an Social Role Valorization perspective, including for points of heightened vulnerability, the process of social devaluation, interpersonal identification, etc. ‘My guardian angel’: He was homeless when they took him in. He became like family to them. Tweet

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podcast ‘A heart outrun’

This podcast would make for an interesting exercise for a classroom, SRV study group or workshop. It is from a regular podcast series entitled ‘Modern Love’ sponsored by the NY Times and a Boston public radio station. The podcast is # 18, ‘ A Heart Outrun.’ This podcast includes the recitation of a written essay […]

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recent news item relevant to imagery

This recent news item has some relevance to what Social Role Valorization (SRV) teaches about the goal and means of image enhancement: to help vulnerable and societally devalued people to have societally valued roles, and thus to open the door to having the ‘good things of life’ which most people in a society want and […]

update on the 1999 Institute of Medicine report

In 1999, the US Institute of Medicine published a report concerning dangers to all patients in hospitals. From the report: At least 44,000 people, and perhaps as many as 98,000 people, die in hospitals each year as a result of medical errors that could have been prevented, according to estimates from two major studies. Online […]

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The contemporary dangers of restraint use on societally devalued children and adults

I ran across two fairly recent articles (here and here) and reports (here and here) which speak to the human service use of restraints and the heightened vulnerability of societally devalued children and adults. Restraints can be physical, mechanical, and/or chemical, and are often used in conjunction with ‘seclusion.’ One of the dangerous patterns reported in […]

article: ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities’

The article ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities‘ (and this 2010 article as well) could be the basis for an interesting exercise for a study group, university or college class, staff training, etc. Such an exercise from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective might profitably include a discussion of the contemporary heightened vulnerability of elders […]

US Bureau of Justice Statistics: Crime Against Persons With Disabilities, 2008-2010 – Statistical Tables

A report from the US Bureau of Justice. I have not started reviewing this material yet, and so may have more to post on in the future, but even the highlights are sadly instructive about the predictable impacts of social and societal devaluation on people in heightened vulnerability: “In 2010, for both males and females the […]

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More on foster care

Ray Lemay sent me a link to this article by Dr. Peter Breggin on the mind drugging of youth in foster care. A quote from the article: Now there is a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report confirming that foster children in five states — Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas — are receiving shocking amounts of psychiatric […]