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UN report on social integration and NGOs

Recent report on social integration and NGOs. Interesting to compare how the report defines social integration with how it is described in SRV. From the report: Social integration is the process of building the values, relations and institutions essential for the creation of such an equitable and dynamic society, where all individuals, regardless of their […]

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Physical setting: prison architecture

In Social Role Valorization theory and in the PASSING manual, we talk about the power of the physical setting when it comes to communicating roles and images, setting expectations, affecting competency, and so on. This 2009 NY Times Magazine article describes a prison in Austria that is architecturally quite different from most prisons. From the […]

“Shark bait kids”

The following item was sent to me from Jane S: Thought you might like to have a look at this article. So much to discuss! Positive activity; unconsciousness of vulnerability; another brick through the use of language. Hey, congratulations on the blog, by the way. Warm wishes Jane Tweet

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“The neediest cases”

A recent article in the NY Times (21 February 2010) could be the good basis for many SRV-related exercises, such as examining the images and messages in the article communicated by language and pictures. These images refer to activities, social roles, funding, personal appearance, etc. A professor might do this exercise with a class or […]