Imagery and drug addiction services

The Sunday NY Times (4 May 2014) included an article entitled ‘Heroin’s new hometown: On Staten Island, rising tide of heroin takes hold.’ It is a sad and difficult article about the awful effects of addiction on: those who are addicted, their family and friends, as well as their particular communities and society overall.  It is worth […]

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‘Small Town Reclaims Former Mental Hospital as Arts Haven’

An article in the 28 October 2017 Wall Street Journal entitled ‘Small town reclaims former mental hospital as arts haven’ might be interesting to study from an SRV and PASSING perspective in terms of setting as a communicator of imagery, and the importance of the history of a setting. Fergus Falls State Hospital was […]

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Special Olympics and Microsoft Cloud

Check out this site and accompanying video from Microsoft Cloud about the Special Olympics. Microsoft has also placed ads on this topic in several magazines. Based on the material in the SRV monograph and workshops on image enhancement, as one of the tools of role valorization, and the material on imagery in the PASSING tool […]

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highway billboard: avoiding eye contact is a sign of autism

I went by a billboard recently that said avoiding eye contact was a sign of autism. In addition to considering the reality of such a claim, think also about what messages this advertising is communicating. Two relevant articles: article in scientific journal critique by writer for Forbes Marc Tumeinski Tweet

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‘Architecture of Insanity’

Jack Yates recently shared with me an article entitled the ‘Architecture of Insanity: Boston Government Service Center’ by Michelle Koh and Gwen Lee. Located in Massachusetts (US), the Government Service Center has two parts, one of which is the Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center. The photos and description of the Lindemann Center are particularly relevant to Social Role […]

SRV in the News – May 4, 2012

A new anti-cell phone driving campaign, currently being championed by various Canadian police agencies, referred to as “hobo cops”, has inadvertently illustrated some interesting SRV concepts. The program itself consists of undercover police officers, dressed as homeless men, who stand at roadside medians and appear to be asking for change during traffic stoppages. Upon closer […]

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SRV in the News – April 17th, 2012

Due to the fact that it has been some time since I posted my last entry, I will leave several links here for you to view with a brief elaboration of the SRV themes they touch on: The topic of elder abuse and exploitation is explored in this upcoming documentary. Previously I have posted about […]

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Senior’s Summer Camps

Last week, the media in Atlantic Canada was touting Senior’s Summer Camps as an innovative and entrepreneurial idea. According to the article, Halifax, Nova Scotia will be the sight of “The Heart and Soul Summer Arts Camp aimed at seniors experiencing physical, cognitive and financial challenges”. The camp will focus mostly on the arts along […]

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‘Work and Social Role Valorization’

I recently ran across this 2 page information sheet, from an agency in Australia, which describes an employment service from a specifically Social Role Valorization perspective. The info. sheet makes reference to the 2006 article published by Joe Osburn, An Overview of Social Role Valorization Theory [published in the 1(1) edition of The SRV Journal]. […]

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Newspaper article: ‘Starting Life Over’

This newspaper article could be the basis for a useful exercise for an SRV workshop or in a college class. It touches on a class of societally devalued people and related service structures that will likely become more prominent in certain places; namely, people with ‘acquired brain injury.’ At least in the US for example, […]

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