SRV and leadership development

Yesterday I attended the final session of a six month ‘leadership development series.’ The participants in this training series included human service workers and family members of people with impairments. Over the six months, they attended approximately 14 days of various trainings. The training that began the series, and that helped to set the overarching […]

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Announcing the 1st annual SRV Journal online conference

I am pleased to announce that we are going to run an SRV Journal  ‘online conference’ starting in September 2013. The event will be entirely online and will be based on submitted papers (e.g., there will not be any recorded talks or presentations). The conference will essentially consist of reading others’ papers, as well as […]

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Writing in human services

One of the things I learned from Wolf Wolfensberger was the power of writing in relation to leadership development, social and societal change, and human service broadly. Even a quick Internet search finds great emphasis on writing within human services: My question for our readers is: how is writing important […]

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SRV training: leadership development

Wolf Wolfensberger and the Training Institute which he founded in 1973 was committed to leadership development for the human service field. After his passing in 2011, the work of the Training Institute has continued to support this goal. The goal of fostering leadership development shaped the way that Wolfensberger (and many of his students) designed […]

The power of ideas and a leadership development mindset

“… a big thread that runs through Dr. Wolfensberger’s work is his belief in the power of ideas …”  “One big thrust of Dr. Wolfensberger’s work was the identification of promising people (especially young ones), recruiting them, and developing them … Dr. Wolfensberger truly believed the fundamental premises of the development model, as taught in […]