transporting prisoners

Some of the wounds resulting from social devaluation (as described by SRV) include being cast into the devalued role of menace and/or subhuman, as well as distantiation. A recent commentary in the 14 June 2015 NY Times Magazine provides a first-person account of a typical practice of prisoner transport. The writer comments about being driven […]

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Communicating the valued social role of student … or not?!

Social Role Valorization (SRV) and PASSING teach us that social roles (valued or devalued) can be communicated to observers, as well as to role incumbents themselves, through such channels as: • setting • activity, schedule, routine, time use • personal presentation and appearance • language use and other miscellaneous imagery • social juxtapositions, associations and […]

Menace role and Pennhurst

Thanks to Guy Caruso for sending me the link to this article about a proposal to build a Halloween haunted house attraction on the former grounds of the Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Pennsylvania, US. In SRV, we consider the power of negative stereotypes surrounding societally devalued people, including how our actions (consciously or […]

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