WSJ article: ‘A small fix in mind-set to keep students in school’

The 18-19 June 2016 Wall Street Journal article ‘A small fix in mind-set to keep students in school’ is relevant to the Social Role Valorization theme of mind-sets and expectancies. It describes two different studies on the power of mind-sets in schools. From the article: “The psychologist Carol Dweck at Stanford has argued that both […]

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SRV theme of model coherency, mindsets … and robot caregivers

A 19 July 2014 NY Times op-ed piece entitled ‘The Future of Robot Caregivers’  is worth carefully examining from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective, especially in light of the SRV themes of roles, of mindsets, of the developmental model, and of model coherency. This article would be worth reading and discussing from an SRV perspective […]

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Communicating the valued social role of student … or not?!

Social Role Valorization (SRV) and PASSING teach us that social roles (valued or devalued) can be communicated to observers, as well as to role incumbents themselves, through such channels as: • setting • activity, schedule, routine, time use • personal presentation and appearance • language use and other miscellaneous imagery • social juxtapositions, associations and […]

‘wide open’ expectations

I just read the 16 May 2012 ‘On being of service’ blog posting by Betsy Neuville entitled ‘wide open.’ It is a thoughtful reflection on the power of our (personal as well as societal) expectations of other people to then open the door to the good things of life–or to shut that door (cf. Wolfensberger, […]

Roles, expectations, segregation and Israel/Palestine

A December 2010 Time magazine article used role language and other SRV-consistent language to describe the negative long-term effects of the physical and social separation between Israelis and Palestinians brought about by the ‘Wall’: a 400 mile system of fences, barricades and military checkpoints. (I understand that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a long-term development with […]

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September 2010 issue of CRUcial Times (Australia)

I recently received the September 2010 issue of CRUcial Times published by CRU Inc. in Brisbane, Australia. I recommend getting on their email list to receive this publication. Back issues are also available. Below are some of the SRV-related lessons I took away from just two of the articles in this issue: Leading the change […]

Language/imagery: ‘homeless bums’

In a debate about adding attacks against homeless people under existing hate crime legislation, Rep. Paige Kreegle, R-Punta Gorda (Florida, US) referred to homeless people as ‘bums.’ From the article: Kreegle then noted that he liked to read the police blotter in his newspaper, where he noticed crimes committed against “homeless bums.” “They tend to […]