podcast ‘A heart outrun’

This podcast would make for an interesting exercise for a classroom, SRV study group or workshop. It is from a regular podcast series entitled ‘Modern Love’ sponsored by the NY Times and a Boston public radio station. The podcast is # 18, ‘ A Heart Outrun.’ This podcast includes the recitation of a written essay […]

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role theory on the ‘everyday sociology’ blog

I just read an entry on the ‘Everyday Sociology’ blog sponsored by Norton Publishing. The entry is about role theory, and touches on: expectations, social status and behaviors. I like the idea of trying to blog about this (and other) sociological concepts in a simple way that invites readers to think about a particular concept. […]

Communicating the valued social role of student … or not?!

Social Role Valorization (SRV) and PASSING teach us that social roles (valued or devalued) can be communicated to observers, as well as to role incumbents themselves, through such channels as: • setting • activity, schedule, routine, time use • personal presentation and appearance • language use and other miscellaneous imagery • social juxtapositions, associations and […]

Globe and Mail news item: when prison feels like home

Thanks to Bill Forman for sharing this news item from the Globe & Mail. The brief anecdote is an example of being socialized into the devalued role of prisoner, so that the role eventually becomes internalized (Wolfensberger, SRV monograph, 2004, p. 27). This example touches on many elements of role theory, such as the power […]

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‘wide open’ expectations

I just read the 16 May 2012 ‘On being of service’ blog posting by Betsy Neuville entitled ‘wide open.’ It is a thoughtful reflection on the power of our (personal as well as societal) expectations of other people to then open the door to the good things of life–or to shut that door (cf. Wolfensberger, […]

Roles, expectations, segregation and Israel/Palestine

A December 2010 Time magazine article used role language and other SRV-consistent language to describe the negative long-term effects of the physical and social separation between Israelis and Palestinians brought about by the ‘Wall’: a 400 mile system of fences, barricades and military checkpoints. (I understand that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a long-term development with […]

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Stanford Prison Experiment

Dr. Philip Zimbardo (who conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment) in a brief interview talking about how quickly the students in the experiment took on the roles of guard and prisoner. Tweet

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