Physiological reactions to the wounds of rejection, distantiation

This essay from the NY Times Sunday Review describes a study which pointed out one of the involuntary physiological reactions we have to being rejected, excluded, cast into societally devalued roles (such as ‘other’): namely, a drop in body temperature in our extremities (such as our fingertips). This study underscores the reality and depth of […]

SRV Journal focus question: December 2010

The following focus question was published in the December 2010 issue of The SRV Journal. I look forward to your replies, thoughts, reflections and related questions: “From an SRV perspective, ‘integration’ means ‘personal social integration & valued social participation.’ This in turn would require (a) valued participation, (b) with valued people (c) in valued activities that […]

article: Social Participation of Students with Special Needs in Regular Primary Education in the Netherlands

This 2010 article describes a study done on the ‘social participation of students’ with impairments ‘in regular primary education in the Netherlands,’ and raises a number of relevant points for our consideration from an SRV perspective. (Note: I am not a statistician nor an academic scientific researcher, so I may be missing key points and […]

Book notice #4

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Jeff McNair, a professor at California Baptist University. He was in Massachusetts to give a talk about integration and faith communities. (Tom Doody, a long-term Citizen Advocacy coordinator and SRV teacher, spoke at the same day long conference.) In 2008, Jeff arranged for a […]

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Deportation of the Roma from France

In SRV workshops, we begin by teaching about the most common wounds of societally devalued people. One of the most common forms of wounding is rejection. We talk about rejection as a hinge wound, in that it likely opens the door to other wounds. One of the wounds that rejection can result in is that […]

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UN report on social integration and NGOs

Recent report on social integration and NGOs. Interesting to compare how the report defines social integration with how it is described in SRV. From the report: Social integration is the process of building the values, relations and institutions essential for the creation of such an equitable and dynamic society, where all individuals, regardless of their […]

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European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion

2010 is the European year for combating poverty and social exclusion. From a 16 February 2010 news item: Social exclusion refers to those who don’t enjoy levels of participation that most of society takes for granted, because of their poverty, lack of basic competences or lifelong learning, or as a result of discrimination. In SRV, […]

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Community development and social integration…or segregation?

This 18 Feb 2010 news item describes a meeting between delegations of a community development group and a segregated sports club in Dubai, with the stated purpose “to strengthen the standards of social services and integrate those most vulnerable in society.” It is interesting that a community development group would get involved with a human […]

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