role theory on the ‘everyday sociology’ blog

I just read an entry on the ‘Everyday Sociology’ blog sponsored by Norton Publishing. The entry is about role theory, and touches on: expectations, social status and behaviors. I like the idea of trying to blog about this (and other) sociological concepts in a simple way that invites readers to think about a particular concept. […]

Communicating the valued social role of student … or not?!

Social Role Valorization (SRV) and PASSING teach us that social roles (valued or devalued) can be communicated to observers, as well as to role incumbents themselves, through such channels as: • setting • activity, schedule, routine, time use • personal presentation and appearance • language use and other miscellaneous imagery • social juxtapositions, associations and […]

article: Client Oriented Role Evaluation

Darene Toal-Sullivan & Peter R. Henderson. (March/April 2004). “Client-Oriented Role Evaluation (CORE): The Development of a Clinical Rehabilitation Instrument to Assess Role Change Associated With Disability.” The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 58(2), 211-220. This article describes an assessment tool (CORE) which the authors recommend be used in rehabilitation and occupational therapy services. The article […]

Role of prison guard

I ran across this reference to an article about the social roles and self-perceptions of prison guards. If anyone can access the full article and let us know about it, it could be quite interesting. Abstract Penal institutions determine their expectations of their own guards’ social role. The adequate performance of this social role, however, […]

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Information about roles on an accounting website (!)

I’m not sure why this page of information about social roles is on this website about accountants in San Diego, but it is! Note the references to SRV listed under ‘Web resources.’ Tweet

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