NY Times: ‘Italian cuisine worth going to prison for’

This NY Times article describes InGalera, a restaurant located “inside the Bollate penitentiary, a medium-security prison with 1,100 inmates on the outskirts of Milan. The waiters, dishwashers and cooks have been convicted of homicide, armed robbery, drug trafficking and other crimes.” According to the article, “ ‘The main problem has been that they do little […]

bandwidth of social roles

In his later writing about Social Role Valorization, Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger taught about the concept of bandwidth applied to social roles, whether socially valued roles or socially devalued roles (SRV monograph, Wolfensberger, 1998, 3rd rev. ed. published in 2004, pp. 31-32). Social role bandwidth ranges from broad and life defining to narrow and circumscribed. In […]

article: Social Participation of Students with Special Needs in Regular Primary Education in the Netherlands

This 2010 article describes a study done on the ‘social participation of students’ with impairments ‘in regular primary education in the Netherlands,’ and raises a number of relevant points for our consideration from an SRV perspective. (Note: I am not a statistician nor an academic scientific researcher, so I may be missing key points and […]

SRV in the News: The upside of delayed retirement

A recent article in Maclean’s spoke about the benefits of delaying retirement and staying longer in the workforce. Featured in the business section, the article speaks mainly about the financial reasons for working past the usual retirement age (65 in Canada). The article raises several important SRV issues however. Firstly, the inherent value of the […]

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Susan Thomas: Situating SRV in the larger social/societal context

This morning, day 3 of the SRV conference in Canberra, Susan Thomas started the day with a plenary. One of Susan’s key points focused on the largely post-production service-based economy found in most western countries, and how these economic systems/dynamics largely work against the role valorization of vulnerable people in general. These dynamics are rooted […]

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Mike Rungie: valued roles for elders

Mike directs an organization that provides supports to elders, including elders with medical conditions and/or dementia. He spoke about some of the lessons his organization has learned through using an assessment tool (SIP) derived from and influenced by the PASSING tool (Wolfensberger and Thomas, 2007). Some questions raised by Mike’s presentation include: what are valued […]

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countdown: 2 days until the 5th International SRV conference in Canberra

We have arrived in Canberra in preparation for the 5th International SRV Conference starting on 21 September. I am looking forward to presenting and listening to the presentations. Many teachers of SRV and implementers as well are gathering together for 3 days to learn and discuss Social Role Valorization. Forthcoming issues of The SRV Journal […]

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Newspaper article: ‘Starting Life Over’

This newspaper article could be the basis for a useful exercise for an SRV workshop or in a college class. It touches on a class of societally devalued people and related service structures that will likely become more prominent in certain places; namely, people with ‘acquired brain injury.’ At least in the US for example, […]

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“Keeping Nan at the centre of her life”

Jane Sherwin wrote this insightful article telling a story about her grandmother, and what a difference thinking about valued roles makes in terms of how we perceive others and what good things of life we make available to others. (By the way, the June 2010 issue of the SRV Journal will have a column on […]

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Role terms are everywhere

We all hear, read, speak, use and think in role terms everyday, whether we are conscious of role theory or not. In a single recent issue in Time magazine, I counted 380 references to social roles. (OK, OK, I was a bit bored that day!) Most references were to valued roles, in domains such as […]

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