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initial list of ideas and topics for the 1st annual SRV Journal online conference

As mentioned in my last post, we are looking forward to our first annual SRV Journal online conference which will open in September. Why are we hosting this conference? We believe that Social Role Valorization (SRV), when well applied, has great potential to help societally devalued groups and individuals to gain greater access to the […]

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4th edition of the SRV monograph

I am just looking through a copy of the 4th edition of  ‘A Brief Introduction to Social Role Valorization’ by Wolf Wolfensberger, which includes the text of the 3rd edition, plus two additional articles, a list of Wolfensberger’s publications, and an index (published by Valor Press). We plan to have reviews of the monograph in […]

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Socially valued role of neighbor

One of the major role domains described by Wolfensberger (SRV monograph, 3rd (rev) ed., p. 30) is that associated with one’s residence or domicile. One of the socially valued roles within this domain is that of good neighbor. What good things of life can this valued role potentially open the door to? Such things as […]

The contemporary dangers of restraint use on societally devalued children and adults

I ran across two fairly recent articles (here and here) and reports (here and here) which speak to the human service use of restraints and the heightened vulnerability of societally devalued children and adults. Restraints can be physical, mechanical, and/or chemical, and are often used in conjunction with ‘seclusion.’ One of the dangerous patterns reported in […]

Citizen Advocacy website

I saw this fairly new Citizen Advocacy website recently. Dr. Wolfensberger developed Citizen Advocacy. I believe that students and practitioners of SRV have much to learn from Citizen Advocacy, and vice versa. Marc Tumeinski Tweet

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Communicating the valued social role of student … or not?!

Social Role Valorization (SRV) and PASSING teach us that social roles (valued or devalued) can be communicated to observers, as well as to role incumbents themselves, through such channels as: • setting • activity, schedule, routine, time use • personal presentation and appearance • language use and other miscellaneous imagery • social juxtapositions, associations and […]

conference presentation on Wolfensberger and his contributions

Dr. Bob Flynn will be giving a presentation on Wolf Wolfensberger’s work and contributions at the 5th International Symposium on Ethics: Ethical Challenges of Disability at the University of Strasbourg from April 10-13. Link to a book on Normalization and SRV by Flynn and Ray Lemay Article by Flynn, Guirguis, Wolfensberger and Cocks Marc Tumeinski Tweet

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announcing the publication of a revised edition of The Limitations of the Law by W. Wolfensberger

  Valor Press is pleased to announce A revised and expanded edition of Wolf Wolfensberger’s classic work  The Limitations of the Law In Human Services (rev. ed.)  Dr. Wolfensberger said, right at the beginning of the original monograph, “Law is one of mankind’s noblest social institutions” – an attribute he has retained in this updated and […]

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the wealth of concrete SRV implementation strategies

The principles of Social Role Valorization (SRV) contain a wealth of practical and highly concrete implementation strategies, both broad and deep, that can be carried out by individuals, groups or on the societal level. No helping approach, no social movement, no human service program will be able, either on its own or in combination, to […]

new article: ‘What would be better? Social Role Valorization and the development of ministry to persons affected by disability

With Dr. Jeff McNair from CalBaptist University, I recently co-wrote an article which was published in the inaugural issue of The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability. Dr. McNair has attended SRV and is familiar with Dr. Wolfensberger’s work.   The article citation is The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 1(1), 11-22 […]