SRV theme: model coherency (# 4 in a series)

This more advanced article by Wolfensberger and Thomas published in SRV-VRS: The International SRV Journal in the spring of 1996 focuses on a particular topic concerning the SRV theme of model coherency; namely, how a model coherency analysis might be properly incorporated into a PASSING assessment. As one would expect, the authors lay out some of the potential pitfalls in this incorporation, as well as solid advice on how to do so effectively. The article also tantalizingly refers to writing and training on model coherency. Such training has not been offered for a long time. However, Wolfensberger’s last writing on model coherency we hope will be posthumously published sometime in 2013.

The article is entitled ‘The problem of trying to incorporate a model coherency analysis into a PASSING assessment.’

It lays out some of the PASS ratings and PASSING ratings most relevant to the construct of model coherency as had been formulated by Wolfensberger.

Marc Tumeinski

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