interesting blog post: On SRV and mistaken identity

I recommend reading the following blog post by Betsy Neuville at Keystone, and following the blog if you have not done so already.

Marc Tumeinski

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  1. Written by Allegra Acaster
    on May 2, 2012 at 4:55 pm
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    I am in a Special Education class right now and this is very relevant to what we are learning. We are learning all about SRV and all of its concepts. I really like the If….. Then….. statements you present in this reading. It is helpful to see how one thing leads to another. I also thought the strategies were also very helpful in understanding some of the most important parts of SRV. Lastly I liked how you talked about how if you just spent 10 minutes with someone who is devalued you would understand the wounds they have. It is also discussed how one person can simply fix some of the devalued persons problems with a little of their time. Overall this article brings up many aspects of SRV that are very important to understanding the importance of SRV in our society today.

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