SRV News and Reviews No. 1

The SRV Implementation Project is pleased to announce a new publication entitled SRV News & Reviews.

We are very thankful to our advisory board members for their work in starting this new effort. The purposes of this periodical include analyzing phenomena that have Social Role Valorization (SRV) relevance; as well as fostering study of and dialogue about SRV theory, training, research and implementation, and about PASSING. It will include reviews and occasional articles plus a regular column, and will be published twice a year. We encourage sharing and discussion of the content as a way of promoting further study and implementation of SRV.

SRV News & Reviews is published under the auspices of The SRV Implementation Project (SRVIP) with the sponsorship of Shriver Clinical Services. The mission of the SRVIP is to confront social devaluation in all its forms, including the deathmaking of vulnerable people; support positive action consistent with SRV; and promote the work of the formulator of SRV, Prof. Wolf Wolfensberger.†

We welcome well-reasoned submissions grounded in SRV. Language used should be clear and descriptive. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is one easily available general style guide. We will not accept items simultaneously submitted elsewhere for publication or previously posted or distributed. All submissions are reviewed for suitability, relevance and clarity. Contact:

Examples of submission topics include but are not limited to: SRV as relevant to a variety of human services; descriptions and analyses of social devaluation and wounding; analyses of the impact(s) of societally valued roles; illustrations of particular SRV themes; analysis of the PASSING tool and specific ratings; research into and development of SRV theory and any of its themes; analysis of developments from an SRV perspective; success stories, as well as struggles and lessons learned, in trying to implement SRV; relevant opinion pieces; news analyses from an SRV perspective; book or movie reviews from an SRV perspective.

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